Fantasy Booking – WWE vs AEW (Jul 2, Week 2)

Fantasy booking created by: Lee Sonogan

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(Disclaimer – If you do not understand what this is click on the link below to understand its rules.)

WWE – half-empty audience (Undisclosed) location

Main Show

1. Singles match (Non-tittle)

Stone Cold Steve Austin (C) vs Kevin Owens with Vince McMahon and Abyss (The Ministry) – Winner: Stone Cold Steve Austin (C) > Steve is still mad and implosive leading him to make mistakes as The Ministry cheats. The finish is a Stunner from Owens to no effect and a Stone Cold Stunner so massive that Kevin sells with a backflip.

2. intergender tag team match

Rey Mysterio (C), Becky Lynch vs Sting (C), Charlotte Flair – Winners: Sting (C) Charlotte Flair > A sorta mix match of champions in wake of SummerSlam. Good effort from the babyfaces but the heels pick up this victory going forward.

3. For The Trios tag-team championsjip – six man tag team match

Triple H (C), Randy Ortan (C), Batista (C) with Ric Flair (Evolution) vs (Unsigned Legend) Bruno Sammartino, (Unsigned Legend) Vader, (Unsigned Legend) Booker T – Winners: Triple H (C), Randy Ortan (C), Batista (C) with Ric Flair (Evolution) > Defending the Trios reputation, Evolution shows why they were the ones to defeat half of The Ministry. Booker does a Spinarooni and this was the downfall of the legends realistically winning.

4. Main event – For the wwe tag team championships – tag team match – (MITB REmatch)

Undertaker (C) Kanne (C) (The Brothers Of Destruction vs Big Show, Goldberg with Jim Cornette (Jim’s Collectables) – Winners: Big Show (C), Goldberg (C) with Jim Cornette (Jim’s Collectables) > Jim previously tweets that he has organised a rematch from the PPV. The back and forth at the start is evenly matched. Halfway in Vince McMahon comes to ringside and instantly gets into a yelling match with Jim. Giving a better performance than the PPV, Big Show knocks out Kane Mid and Vince distraction and then makes the pin.

AEW – half-empty audience (Undisclosed) location (Thunder dome)


1. Singles match

Shayna Basler vs (Unsigned) Nia Jacks – Winner: Shayna Basler via submission > Still with momentum from last week, the bigger ladies debut was not enough to avoid her Rear Naked Choke.

Main Show

1. For the TNT championship – Singles match

Pac (C) vs Sabu with Rob Van Dan – Winner: Pac (C) > In his first official title defence, he fights the genocidal and homicidal one. Going toe to toe with Sabu’s more graphic style, PAC (C) with a Black Arrow and wins the match.

2. Qualifier for First ultimate X match for x division title at All out – singles match

Scorpio Sky with Kazarian (Socal Uncensored) vs Low Ki – Winner: Scorpio Sky with Kazarian (Socal Uncensored) > One more member gets a chance to join the Ultimate X with Christopher Daniels Partner. Low Ki looks like to going to be the winner but Sky with a combination of moves and a pin gains the spot.

3. Qualifier for First ultimate X match for x division title at All out – singles match

Adam Hangman Page vs Zack Sabre Jnr – Winner: Adam Hangman Page > In a fast pace match of dives and submission transitions, Hangman gets over and qualifiers for All Out.

4. Main Event – UFC/MMA – 3 round contest

Chris Jericho with Jon Moxley (The Inner Circle) vs MJF with (Unsigned Warlow) – Winner: Chris Jericho with Jon Moxley via KO > Preparing for the main event of the next PPV to get HIS belt back, the fans get a bad guy vs bad guy shoot fight. This includes taking each other to the limit and a lot of distractions of the ref to rake eyes/low blows and ECT. The former heavyweight champion wins and celebrates in the ring after.

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