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“compulsive experience.” – Harry Slater. Pocket Gamer

Laying out this one click and in internet game also available (Paid) on a mobile phone, your avatar is work and you got to collect coloured pellets to grow and knock out over competitors. The simple concept is easy to play but difficult to master as you need to survive for at least an hour to get somewhere close to the leaderboard. Regardless, it contains an addicting quality to it where you need to play more than one!

Slither is the ultimate reimagining of the old and classic arcade game known as Snake. Trying to get good footage myself for a video; I could only get noob kills as I drifted along all the edges. Originating in 2015, the highly multiplayer game got even more famous due to YouTubers such as PewDiePie playing it.

Overall I highly recommend it to young and old to be used to kill time. Dated a little in 2020, the idea is intense like any modern challenging games. Still, I have to rate it low although most people can get a lot of enjoyment from it. Researching by consuming some videos, the hackers now in it make it go down a notch in my humble opinion.


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