Journal Entry 43# Making A Graphic Novel Without Drawing Anything! (INVADING LUCHA)

A journal entry written by Lee Sonogan

I did not think in 2020 I would be making my first Graphic Novel! As the title suggests, I am adapting my short film of a few years ago now into its own book in the cartoonised style! For the last two days, I have been working on this project explaining my lack of publishing on ENTERTAINMENT CULTURE ONLINE. Regardless of the image above and slideshow making a total of 5 is only a couple cool comic panels out of hundreds of others.

Not to paraphrasis what I have already said about this short movie > > for pictures alone the production value has been fun to work with. Formatting where each converted still goes and in order, the beauty is has a large archive of choices to make it all easier. The free version has a lot of features such as customizable backgrounds, symbols and adjustment to settings to do a lot with.

Slowly putting it together one image at a time, there is a written intro and outro to be put in it. A book covers different from the two movie posters I got made for it due to them being in pages already. Speaking of pages, I currently have 72 mostly half done with the goal of over 100 (4-9 panels mostly on each page). One the first day it was 24 pages and got overwhelmingly positive feedback to finish this exciting ambition.

My final comments are that there shall be new dialogue/monologues that does not exist in the live-action one provided in the video below.

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