Top Ten Reasons To Watch Starter Squad (Adult Pokémon)

A list written by Lee Sonogan

Shippiddge is creating Starter Squad | Squad, Starter, Supportive

Why have I not found this online internet series before until now? With the three protagonists, we get the original 3 starter Pokémon with different personalities and exploring on there own. Most for the old fans with many references to the franchise as a whole, there are still 3 more episodes to come which will make for an epic movie when all is said and done. With each episode over a million apiece, I wish Shippiddge consistently did more similar quality animation…

10. The first few episodes go quick to getting long by time

The original episode came out in 2013 whereas it got popular, the content stretched out longer. There fan or not you can understand the vision in how it is presented.

9. Which starter is the best?

A question many fans have asked over the years. This series puts emphasis on this with the voice-over character banter with each other in well-timed quotes.

8. The Pokémon Trainers

Roasted in every shot they are in, when they speak they say there name over and over again just like the Anime show Pokémon in reverse.

7. Various Pokémon characters

From sarcastic Pokémon owned by trainers to others met in the way, a particular Catiepie, Sandshrew and Pigeotto come to mind in more than one appearance.

6. Bulbasaur

The most wholesome one of the trio, his animated body makes him look huge. Playing off the other starters, he may be the most wimp but timing of jokes fit the dialogue exchanges.

5. Squirtle

Being the most smartest and logical, he sure like to complain about Charmanders choices. My least favourite of the three although plays a role in the story being told well.

4. Charmander

Arrogant, brutal and does not think ahead, this anti-hero is both funny and bluntly bold at the same time. Not willing to take turns in battle and enjoys eating bug types, the cocky star leads the plot into its main conclusions.

3. Ooo Look At Me I’m A Big Scary Ghost – EP 8

Being the most smartest and logical, he sure likes to complain about Charmanders choices. My least favourite of the three although plays a role in the story is told well.

2. The Rock Smasher Music Video (Epic Geodude)

In the middle of ep 9, we get this gem with cinematic animation. The scene right after it is even funnier if you watch ep 9 yourself. The most epic you can get with a Geodude is in the video below.

1. Like I said in the first paragraph > Three episodes left

By far the last two episodes are the best out of the current nine. Waiting all this time you got to expect the next three will at least be 20 minutes longer and equal or greater than what I have commented here.

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