The Communist Manifesto, a book review

A book review written by Lee Sonogan

Zero Two and the communist manifesto - Animemes

Finally finishing The Communist Manifesto listening to an audiobook, it is much short than you may initially think. Being one of the reasons why I decided to consume it, I have some thoughts to comment about it. While Marx made some arguments relevant to his time, he completely misses many other points. This following review will call them out and describe the outdated idealogy that some people today push forward in the most extreme ways possible.

Overall the main point of this book is to say that all problems in the world are directly from economic class struggles. Doubling down on this, the cringe was obvious and just too simple to be true. All human beings are constantly at odds with nature and plenty of more complexity regarding how they get ahead in life. Naturally, hierarchies become made and to not even mention positives of what they have done is a dangerous narrative. The whining notes advocate for a gross hive-mind plus the notion of humanity having an inability to recognise there own problems.

Capitalism or private businesses are able to limit the opportunity to a certain degree and create inequality. But overall these structures are more wide and efficient enough to distribute more resources than a government that rules overall. Not to mention the Russian Revolution mostly failing and putting dictators into power; imagine the civil unrest of mob mentality exploiting one side to get power over the other that overwhelms the leaders. This book may appeal to the common man without solid meaning or purpose, on the other hand, this strategy design still proves an inequitable division of power no matter what.

In conclusion, what this manifesto entails is a theory at best which believed labour creates wealth, not free trade. Concepts established sound good on paper but the power vacuum replacing the Bourgeious (ruling class) with the Proletariats (working class) will cycle back and forth anew forever. In my opinion, this system is too extreme in a narrow perspective; socialism is a more moderate approach although needs right-leaning freedoms to create incentives. Stability being the main goals for these subjects, empowering the individual with less government is the most logical before progressive means of growth become implemented.


PS – Also very anti-nuclear family; the gross comments from this quote “The education of all children, from the moment that they can get along without a mother’s care, shall be in state institutions at state expense,”.

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