Fantasy Booking – WWE vs AEW (June 4, Week 4) (Fight For The Fallen/Money In The Bank)

Fantasy booking created by: Lee Sonogan

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AEW – Fight For The Fallen – Nasa international space station (Thunder Dome crowd)

Main Show

1. For The Interpromotional Women’s Tag Team Championship – Tag Team Match

Sasha Banks and Bailey (AEW) vs Asuka, Karie Zane (WWE) – Winners: Sasha Banks (C) and Bailey (C) > With a hot Thunder Dome using a collection of there real reactions chants for both brands are implemented. Having 20 minutes to establish new belts, imagine a 4/5 match with everything and more. Sasha and Bailey become first women tag team champions.

2. For The X division Championship – singles match

Christopher Daniels (C) vs Pac (C) – Winner: Christopher Daniels (C) (C) > Daniels comes out with Socal Uncensored but they leave. Daniels offers a handshake and Pac refuses. Going 30 minutes, there was full of there signatures and each finisher kicked out. The finish is Angels Wings off the top rope after a transitional struggle. PAC is mad and yells at announcers and then the ref.

3. For The TNT Championship – singles match

Pac vs Christopher Daniels (C) (C) – Winner: Pac (C) This time with Daniels currently as a double champion, this goes for 20 minutes. More unpredictability in this one with PAC resorting to cheating. Daniels makes a few comebacks although PAC gets a sneaky low blow and the most beautiful Black Arrow to get a title back out of this all.

4. For The Japanese Championship – Singles match

Tomoguri Ishhi (C) vs Shinsuke Nakamura – Winner: Shinsuke Nakamura (C) > Ishii bum rushes him in the first quarter, not letting any fight back. 2nd quarter and Shin gets the comeback, laying in strikes with Ishhi selling. The third quarter is evenly matched with both men not letting go of any endurance. The final quarter is so close to call that it is impossible to detail. Suprise big knee and the former WWE superstar defeats the long-running champ.

5. For The AEW Video Game Championship (Fall guys: Ultimate knockout) Who lasts the longest wins the belt

Kenny Omega (C) vs Matt Jackson – Winner: Kenny Omega (C) > Talking smack the entire time within the battle royale, mini-games styled video game. The final round in Fall Mountain is only them two which is unheard of in my personal experience. Neck and neck, Matt is knocked over before the last part to the crown. Kenny waits mockingly but wins when Matt recovers.

6. For The AEW Women’s Championship – Singles match

Billie Kay (C) vs (Unsigned) Mickie James – Winner: Billie Kay (C) > On a whim Tony Khan books this match with a legend. In the shortest match of the night, Mikie gets all her shit in although, the younger competitor overcame her offence and finished her off for good,

7. For The AEW Tag Team Championships – Tag Team Match

Jay White (C) Kazuchika Okada (Choas) vs Dax Harwood, Cash Wheeler (FTR) – Winners: Dax Harwood, Cash Wheeler (FTR) > In the match of the night, both teams work a near-perfect match full of psychology, well-timed high spots, unpredictable counters and much more, the new team win the straps.

8. Main Event – For The AEW Heavyweight ChampionShip – Singles match (1 hour time limit)

Chris Jericho (C) vs Cain Valesquez with Joe Rogan – Winner: Cain Valelazes (C) Being built for ages now, this evenly matched back and forth of pure heels and babyfaces. The entire Inner Circle accompanies Jericho to the ring but the ref kicks them out. Being built for ages, Jericho cheats to match damage with Cain. Cain strikes like a madman but the ref pulls him off multiple times. The finish is Jericho yelling and Joe and Cain using the Kimura behind him and submitting him. Inner Circle comes out on stage meeting Jericho and they are all pissed.

WWE – Money In The Bank – hell > Full Arena of Demons

Main Show

1. For the ic championship – singles match

Brock Lesnar with Paul Heyman vs The Fiend – Winner: The Fiend (C) > Going to Suplex City, The Fiend is destroyed. On a railing The Fiend is face to face with a demon and the demon turns to smoke and posses The Fiend. Lesnar fights back to no effect and himself and Heyman are in shock. Mandible claw until Lesnar is unconscious, pin and The Fiend is more with help of a friend in hell.

2. For The WWE Tag Team Championship – tag team match

Undertaker (C) & Kane (C) (The Ministry) vs Big Show & Goldberg with Jim Cornette (Jim’s Collectables) – Winners: DQ > The Brothers of Destruction > Jim’s Collectables has been the biggest threat to Kane and Taker since they come together. Evenly match at the start and dominating in the last half, Vince McMahon him causes a DQ to the boos of the crowd. He announced Taker and Kane will now be in the Main Event in the MITB match.

3. For The Cruiserweight Championship – Interpromotional singles match

(WWE) Rey Mysterio (C) with Chavo Guerrero vs (AEW) CM Punk with Joe Rogan – Winner: Rey Mysterio (C) with Chavo Guerrero > Defending WWE’s honour, Rey takes on an interpromtional opponent. Punk the bigger man overpowers Rey in particular segments. Still not completely dead, speed overpowers Punk and Rey maintains his belt.

4. Interpromotional Women’s Money In The Bank – Six Women Ladder Match

Charlotte Flair (WWE) vs Awesome Kong (WWE) vs Lita (WWE) vs Shayna Basler (AEW) vs Peyton Royce (AEW) vs Jazz (AEW – Unearnt) – Winner: Charlotte Flair (WWE) > When the bell rings, a ladies go outside the ring to get ladders. Carnage and clashes of steel one after another with AEW vs WWE being a main focus. Then Shayna betrays Peyton to climb the ladder. More betrays as moves from the top of the ladder come crashing to the canvas below. Rinse and repeat and it is Charlotte and Shayna at the top of the ladder and the Queen prevails over her.

5. For The 24/7 Championship – singles match

Sting (C) with Samoa Joe (The Main Event Mafia) vs Jake The Snake Roberts – Winner: Sting (C) with Samoa Joe > Sting is surprised as the GM is coming out to challenge him also carry the bag with that snake. The younger out of the two wins but one spot with Jake releases the snake but Joe rolls in grabs the snake and rolls back out.

6. For The WWE Women’s Championship – singles match

Becky Lynch (C) vs Fabolous Moolah (Unsigned) – Winner: Becky Lynch (C) > Becky overwhelms the ancient one with joke spots and her Disarmer to tap her out.

7. For The Trios Championship – Six-man tag team match

Abyss (C) Seth Rollins (C) Kevin Owens(C) (The Ministry) vs Triple H, Randy Ortan, Batista with Ric Flair (Evolution) – Winners: Triple H, Randy Ortan, Batista with Ric Flair (Evolution) > Demons stop The Ministry in the entrance and say they will murder one person of there losing team if so. Evolution come out to chase them to ring. Match starts and the nerves in Seth and Kevin are obvious. In conclusion Royal Rumble winner Triple H Pedigree’s Seth for the win and the championship belts. Demons literally kill Seth after the match.

8. Main Event – Men’s Money In The Bank – Eight-Man Ladder Match

Shawn Micheals vs Eddie Guerrero vs Jeff Hardy vs Kurt Angle vs (Vince Pick) Undertaker vs (Vince Pick) Kane – Winner: Shawn Micheals > The Brothers of Destruction pretty much do a 2 vs 4 until they are successfully taken out for now. Big Swanton to Angle from Jeff, big splash from Eddie to Shawn. Bunch of dives spots with everyone working together. Describing the final moments, Shawn is alone in ring about to win but Taker climbs the other side. Then Taker pushed what is hanging to Shawn and yells ‘Take it!’. Shawn smiles, grabs case and rises hands with Taker. Then the glass shatters…; Stone Cold come out at the end of a gruelling match and says it was Shawn who ran him over.

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