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The arrest Wednesday by police in Australia of a pregnant woman in her home over a Facebook post promoting an anti-lockdown protest has prompted national outrage.

Video of Zoe Buhler, 28, being handcuffed in front of her children and partner was posted on the woman’s Facebook page.

Disclaimer! More than just one post, including a so-called ‘freedom day’ event in the regional town in Australia

Wow, this situation is a two-edged sword for many reasons; so here are my two cents. On one side there is a difference between freedom of speech/expression and inciting impulsive action with no real benefit to there cause. Then there is the authoritarian implementation of police which could have been dealt with way better. Read the link above below to get the official story but I intend to address these issues. Since The Rock got COVID-19 recently, minimal consequences of actions do need to take seriously.

Firstly, why weren’t the Victoria government this serious when this whole virus thing started? Why are Black Lives Matter protests exempt and anti-lockdown defiance not? I personally believe most protests/riots in first world civilizations complete nothing close to specific mob mentality goals. Still, this woman should not have become arrested and out of the blue like that; a hefty fine approach would have not got this amount of attention.

Back to freedom of speech or expression, Australia does not have a particular constitution or declaration that protects our rights. Seemly in a free country, the more extreme, people are basically under the long arm of martial law. If you are sick of COVID-19 and lockdowns, don’t add to the chaos, push or event protest for a bill of rights that is fairer for all. Maybe similar to Americas, running on emotion is easy to legally and illegally take advantage of. Protesting is vague and brief, putting in time and effort into better-balanced law and order with the silent majority is a real movement to get behind.

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