Journal Entry 41# Archiving Dank Video/Audio/Image Memes

A journal entry written by Lee Sonogan

File:Number 41.png - Wikimedia Commons

Prepping for the videos to come, I want to speak about video creation. Pretty sure that I have not mentioned a 4TB harddrive extra to my other external 1TB, I intend to fill it with all the stuff I will ever need. Uping my production quality of gaming videos and value issues (I know can double bit rate of screen recorder!), I see a lot of time and effort within the editing room for my future.

The medium just like having two websites provides too many uses to not do anything with my technical skills. Critiquing my moving frame ability so far, I can reach a decent amount over average in professionalism in so many ways. What I get wrong is so small. it limits the potential in the feedback I could implement as I get better and provide something truly great.

Back to the satire, the video below this journal entry is a wholesome piece worth checking out to see investing more research into memes is worth it. Regardless of cringe, there is thousands of ways I could portray the context of theses jokes inside conjunctions. The process of developing such a thing is enjoyable but if a library is already there then all becomes more satisfying.

Difficult how a production like this is, I do not want to go below any expectation I have already made such as the Meme Inquisition videos other on UNGROOVYGORDS PRODUCTIONS. A YouTube channel I have been neglecting although have designs in beta on its way to release on the platform. Overall making this into a journal entry and not obsessively trying to articulate it in my head makes it clear in what is needed next.

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