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Meshing Brains And Machines: Elon Musk On Neuralink Test Progress In Pigs

Gertrude takes part in a science fiction experiment: Elon Musk’s start-up, Neuralink, has implanted a connected chip in the brain of this guinea pig, a prototype in order to manufacture the version for humans that will give back speech and mobility to paralyzed people.

“It’s like a Fitbit [montre connectée] in your head, ”Elon Musk enthused Friday, during an online conference on the progress of his interface project connecting the brain to computers, which is causing much skepticism in the scientific community.

Thanks to archyde.com, I did not forget Musk’s experiment on pigs showing off his AI-brain implant. Hearing about the Neuralink back on a Joe Rogan Experience appearance, it is finally here. In graphic verbiage, he spoke of the ultra-fine thread needed to implant directly into the brain. At a measurement of 23mm in diameter, is this scary technology worth it?

Wirelessly without a massive trip to surgery; its main use, for now, is to treat neurological medical conditions (Including restoring the paraplegic to greater functions). Still, in alpha, it is apparently considered as a comfort/humane elective surgery. Archyde suggestions people could spend thousands on turning their brain into a computer but I believe as it advanced (Nanobots), the digits of price would drastically rise.

I do not comment any more because it would over paraphrase written in this article. Such as an interesting concept in ‘consensual telepathy’ that I want to go deep on in the near future because of what explained. Using a direct quote Elon said featured at the end of this article ‘The future is going to be weird’. Consider following as I just have previously before typing this sentence, or at least showing some love one way or another for the sake of independent media?



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