Starter’s Guide To Writing: Consuming Vs. Creating

An article written by Lee Sonogan

Why Consuming Is Necessary for Creating - YouTube

Note: This following article will feature in my non-fiction book You, Will, Have Style When You Write One Million Words: UNGROOVYGORDS Advanced Guide For Creative Writing. Within the Extras chapter of resources and relatable content. Publishing it on my website ENTERTAINMENT CULTURE ONLINE which will be expanded on, plus more relevant quotes.

I once saw someone say that it was time to stop consuming and get back to regularly scheduled creation. Scaling creativity, you need a balance between what you consume and what is reflected off what you create. Other than critical thinking first, critical consuming is a necessity for the process of inspiration. Than creative work narrows down the level to authenticity against narratives such as trends or what is the easiest.

Making things out of scratch is nothing without an opportunity for creative expression. As you know social media or even binge-watching becomes considered inhaling such information. It is the default behaviour in plenty of individuals seemly an unconscious thing. Having an open input helps to research new element not once thought of, and it is a foundation of the output where all the time and effort put in.

It is difficult to gain an equilibrium between these ideas because of the grey areas. Everyone is different in their actions either physical and mentally towards subjectivity. Only practise makes perfect can make you consistently sustain reality and feel at ease. Keeping a few steps ahead at all times, then there is no right or wrong. Overall in producing a concept from metaphysical to something of quality/value, your control is contra ability/knowledge in solving problems you designed. A blueprint built for objectivity allows for easy access patterns/conjunctions.

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