Journal Entry 40# A Thank You Open Letter To TeknoAXE

A journal entry written by Lee Sonogan

TeknoAXE | ReverbNation

In the scarce world of original digital content 100% free from copyright, TeknoAXE provides the goods. Using individual songs for countless video now for all sorts of reasons, I just want to detail my thoughts in a Thank You. Providing every type of genre and complexity put into nearly all songs heard, for those reading, I already highly recommend the archive for independent creators. Some of these tunes even go long than 4 minutes; very helpful in long montage/compilation videos I have made before.

I have a diverse and extensive collection of music, such as dubstep, trailer music, heavy metal, suspense, comedy, among other genres. Check out to explore more of my music for your video making needs and for more tips on using my music in your videos. – YouTube channel description (part 1)

In my more deeper videos with voiceovers – theses are perfect soundtracks easy for the picking. Honestly would consider reaching out and pay for specific sounds for a larger project in the future. When artists are grasping onto there demos, this guy is consistent or greater than the average musician. Professionally polished and remixed, there is so many rhythms you need to try out in your content now!

Praising without a fault, I am certainly not disappointed in my personal experience. Overall I want to say keep up the good work as your professional expectations are through the roof. Not over, the playlist below is one of many in the link right here> Quoting the YouTube channel description (Part 2) “You CAN use my Royalty Free Music for your videos and films, for commercial and non commercial purposes, whether your videos are monetized or not, without fear of DMCAs or Content I.D. matches. I have music for your intros and outros, Let’s Plays and Montages, Tutorials, Skits, your Channel Trailers and VFX movies.

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