Jabroni Explained

An article written by Lee Sonogan

Know your damn role jabroni - The Rock says know... | Meme Generator

In reality: Dumbass. Loser. A no good son of bitch. Talks a lot of shit but can never back it up. – Urban Dictionary

Jabroni or plural ‘jabronis’ is an insulting term referring to denotations that you are a loser. Might mostly common heard by ‘The People’s Champ’ The Rock (Dwayne Johnson), he was not the first wrestler to use this word. Eighties WWF wrestling star the Iron Shiek became known for saying it backstage at the end of multiple sentences. Being more specific, the label within the wrestling world commenting at Jobbers (Unkown guys paid to lose).

In conversation, it is a fallacy because what can you say to something so subjective. Listing similar synonyms to the word, the following are punk, idiot, no redeeming qualities, talk the talk but not walk the walk, audacity, douchebag, plus hundreds of more negative type of questionable morals. Quoting Geoffrey Nunberg “a culpable obtuseness—about one’s own importance, about the needs of others and the way one is perceived by them,”.

Honestly, if I ever need to accurately describe someone, this is a word I want to use. As the video below suggests, the term is kinda awesome if implemented in the right way (Episally for comedy entertainment). I can imagine The Rock using it if he ends up running for president for a term one day. Overall it is wholesome because the pronunciation is moderately neutral in syllables confidently spoken.

The very sound of jabroni – a coined word with an Italianate flair – evokes ridiculousness and loserdom. https://nancyfriedman.typepad.com



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