Ensnared Syllables – Part 7 #Haiku #Poetry

A poem written by Lee Sonogan


Note: The following haiku will be in the outro to my first haiku book coming soon! Working title: Ensnared Syllables: A Collection Of Haikus Written By A Blog Writer

I try to write conversationally; I try to write like people speak and put the emphasis on the right syllable. – Don Henley

Adios appendix…

Sayonara primers scroonched;

Utmost transcendence!

Vowels were something else. He didn’t like them and they didn’t like him. There were only five of them, but they seemed to be everywhere. Why, you could go through twenty words without bumping into some of the shyer consonants, but it seemed as if you couldn’t tiptoe past a syllable without waking up a vowel. Consonants, you know pretty much where you stood, but you could never trust a vowel. ― Jerry Spinelli, Maniac Magee



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