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An article written by Lee Sonogan

A flag for pedophiles? It exists, but it is not a push for ...

What is a MAP? The acronym spells out the three words no one wants to here ‘Minor Attracted Person’. The umbrella term by definition is sexually attracted to minors either in sub-categories such as paedophilia, hebephilia and ephebophilia. As this is a controversial topic, the highlight is as, like any position, there are communities of people fitting this description online. There’s a difference between non-offenders seeking help and those who publically some up victimhood points on social media.

Rebranding themselves with the LGBT community, all sides have received support and aggressive reaction. Twitter pushed these narratives further with hashtags such as ‘#MAPPride’ and ‘#Mappositivity’ justifying their idealogy in so many ways dangerous and subjectively untrue. Claiming it is just sexuality bestows your intention to take advantage of broken young people who crave attention. The game of grooming and those exposed are disgusting criminals who deserve any consequence that happens to them.

Bluntly summing up a heavy opinion, I believe in the death penalty to those with psychiatric disorders who will never learn the concept of consent. Or how their actions can psychologically collateral damage others like a virus. Can individuals with the most violent urges change to redemption? Only if an expect can identify with the experience that they are willing and human containing the essence of empathy. In this case, lost causes are a challenge but if there is a will, there is a way.

Fathoming the darkness of the internet never stops, for example, those who live-streamed there looting for all to see. But surely there is plenty more on that topic out there that most won’t talk about because of the taboo nature. There might have been a spike in this subject in 2020 although the silent majority is overly sane in this matter due to the fight in what is right is prevailing. In conclusion, I’m only an ally to solo MAPs who are rational and use all their will to power to want to protect people from themself.

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