Ensnared Syllables – Part 6 #Haiku #Poetry

A poem written by Lee Sonogan

How to ID Spiders by Their Webs

Note: The following haiku will be in the outro to my first haiku book coming soon! Working title: Ensnared Syllables: A Collection Of Haikus Written By A Blog Writer

The rhythmical unit of the syllable is at the back of all of it – the word, the phrase, the sentence, the syntax, the paragraph, and the way the heart moves when you read it. – Ali Smith

Chime demarcation!

Surge iterations croaking;

Hark ex rotations!

‘Nuclear’ is nothing but trouble. Do you say ‘new-clear’ or do you say ‘nuke-you-ler’? Whoever invented that word had obviously never studied the human mouth. We don’t have enough muscles in our face to make that group of letters come out smoothly. The word is missing a middle syllable, for cryin’ out loud. – Paul Feig



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