David Blaine Is A Beast > The Performance Art Of Magic

An article written by Lee Sonogan

David Blaine will try to float across Hudson River using balloons ...

More than the cult demeanour that South Park did, David Blaine pushes physical endurance and tricks into a unique art form. Recently watching his appearance on Joe Rogan to promote his YouTube original, he seems like a chill guy in real life, willing to risk his body for a reward. From personal favourite magicians of Penn and Teller to the classic Houdini, the masters of sleight of hand seemly are straight forward but mind-blowing at the same time!

Revealing a lot of details of his biggest stunts, the sleep deprivation on lasting nearly a week engulfed in ice backstory is crazy. With the man in question explaining his good and bad thoughts of vivid hallucinations. To the basics in dies and card tricks, it linked to his upbringing and other street magic friends/ worthy stories. I remember Roger from American Dad reference a book of his that is apparently highly recommendable.

Sewing his mouth more than once a week, controversial in nature, his other talent revolves around the psychopathology in other things. Being doing this for years now, I have not seen all his specials though what I have seen have been above average. Concluding this short introspective, he is definitely a personality who knows what he’s talking about. Lots of clips in the podcast below the young Jamie pulls up immediately at request.



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