Journal Entry 38# An Open Letter To Jacinta Hudson Writing

A journal entry written by Lee Sonogan

Disclaimer! This following open letter will send to the author as a pitch tommorow.

Howdy Jacinta Hudson Writing! Coming across your Facebook post I am loving your optimism in your writing reminders. I have one suggestion then I would like to see you try and a crossover promotional idea if the following pitch sounds interesting to you. In light of your 20th of October 2020 launch! I wish to collaborate an easy win/win for both of us!

That suggestion is I would be interested in what type of prompt you can come up with base on your page alone. I do #SuddenFiction and #FlashPrompts although yours in a new series could become intriguing.

In post-production of a poem book myself, I am curious about your book collection entails. First off the front and back cover would be cool to have as a hardcopy but hypothetically, if you give me digital access, I could give it a review it truly deserves! Then I am even willing to sign a non-disclosure form if that makes you feel more comfortable about it all in exclusive access.

Simply in return, maybe work in one or two of my links anywhere on social media or online. Knowing this is a self-published independent book, here is a link of someone who collaborated with me previously in an art styled graphic novel > Network with me and who knows where our poetry plus whatever more shall go?

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