Fantasy Booking – WWE vs AEW (June 4, Week 4)

Fantasy booking created by: Lee Sonogan

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WWE – half-empty audience (Undisclosed) location

Main Show –

1. Qualifiers for the men’s money in the bank match – singles match – Interpromtional

Edge (WWE) vs RVD (AEW) – Winner: Edge (WWE) – Mostly consistently outside the ring, they land many signature moves. The brawl rolls in and out of the ring to avoid the count of the ref. The ending is Rob going coast to coast for a massive dropkick, Edge gets up and mid-air spear.

2. Singles Match

Sasha Banks (AEW) vs Karrie Zane (WWE) with Asuka (WWE) – Winner: Karrie Zane (WWE) – Going 15 minutes, Karrie resorts to cheating with help of Asuka and then a giant elbow she is known for.

3. singles match

Kane (C) vs Big Show with Jim Cornette – Winner: Kane (C) Hyping up the biggest threat to The Brothers of Destruction to date, The Big Red Machine solo proves to be unstoppable, wearing the big men down with his speed. And a final chokeslam from the second rope!

4. Spot in Women’s Money In The Bank – singles match

Lita vs Trish Stratus – Winner: Lita – Mimicking the main event they had for the main event of Raw years ago for the title on the line >

5. Main Event – Raw Underground/Fight Club

Triple H vs The Rock – Winner: The Rock > Vince booked this match previously. Real fighting to the amusement of Shane McMahon cutting between shots, blunt strikes is delivered to each other. Triple H stops offensive and yells this is pointless for the Rock to pull him back in. Shawn Micheals makes a cameo appearance as a fan. Finally, The Rock Knock him down with the realist punch possible and Shane calls the fight.

AEW – half-empty audience (Undisclosed) location

Main Show

1. singles match

Shinsuke Nakamura vs (Unsigned) Bret Hart – Winner: Shinsuke Nakamura > With Bret’s age catching up to him, this was more of a squash match than anything competitive.

2. Singles match – Interpromtional

Bailey (AEW) vs Asuka (WWE) – Winner: Bailey (AEW) >Hyping up the first-ever inter promotional match at Fight For The Fallen, after twenty minutes, Bailey wins cleans. Karrie Zane comes out at the end to at Bailey but Sasha Defends.

3. Non-tittle – Singles match

Cain Valesquez with Joe Rogan vs Kenny Omega (C) with Cody Rhodes – Winner: No Contest > The video game champion takes it to the no.1 contender although the entire Inner Circle interfere and beat every up. Jericho declares retaining his belt at PPV and the next week the AEW vs WWE war will truly begin with an initial raid.

4. Spot in the interpromotional women’s Money in the Bank – singles match – Interpromotional

Peyton Royce (AEW) vs Trish Stratus (WWE) – Winner: Peyton Royce (AEW) > Show her talent without Billie, with Tony Khan watching, she defends the honour of the brand over a legend in the business. And her last chance in the same week!

5. Main Event – Non-tittle match – Singles Match (30 minute time limit)

Pac (C) vs Christopher Daniels (C) – Winner: Pac (C) > Going nearly a nearly 30 minutes > they pull off a 4.9/5 in originality. Pac gets his finisher before the time expires. Tony Khan comes out and announces they will fight each other at the PPV twice in a row and both matches, individual championships will be on the line.

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