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Fun Fact: Did you know there are three free, public access quantum computers in America?

The first app I’ve ever downloaded that harnesses the power of these prodigious machines is called Randonautica. The app uses IBM’s quantum computers to generate a random location near you. It gets kinda wild from there.

Move over augmented Pokémon GO, Randonautica is powered by a supercomputer. Recently finding out about this app, it is very intriguing and sceptical like at the same time. How can sharing your location, and a subjective intention lead you to something relevant to your intended? As Ground Media Positive puts it, this is The law of attraction meets GPS.

Consuming footage of peoples stories some people play it up although most footage leads people to the creepiest places or get in situations in amazing coincidence. For example, one group of peoples intentions was to meet death to find a bag under a pier full of human remains. The shared link goes further in the scientific explanation by commenting on the similarities of the “Observer Effect” within quantum physics.

This might be an actually cool experiment for me to do/understand mathematical entangled positions; kinetic forces predicted by a supercomputer running higher than the normal binary system. I am going to try and convince a mate about it and if keen I shall document a particular adventure. So curious about these theorized ideas, first hand in the future there might be a Fact or Fiction? article on this website to determine what is right and what is wrong.

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