Discovering KONTRUST!

An article wrtten by Lee Sonogan

Where has this epic band been all my life? Kontrust is an Austrian bank that crosses over with a Polish frontwoman named Agata Jarosz. They blend folk, nu-metal, dance-pop and much more pushing the post-genre sound while I was still in high school. Catchy, heavy and very original, I cant seem to stop listening to their stuff… hence this explanation article.

Predominantly most all the songs are in English though some german and Slavic language can be found here and there. The dialect emphasis’s the flow in engagement and reflects off the tunes from different musicians. The six-person band other than complexity in rhythms does not take them too seriously as their music videos are portrayed as funny and do not go over the top.

Still not hearing all of them yet (Possible album review?) Hey DJ! below is my most favourite. Bands such as Korn, System of a Down and Igorrr can be described similar to this band so you know I love it. Recommending it to all rock/metal fans who want to get experimental, if like me, this is something worth checking out.

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