Journal Entry 37# 1500th Published Post!!!

A journal entry written by Lee Sonogan

1500 | Malcolm Redfellow's Home Service

Slowly nearly reaching how many Joe Rogan podcasts out with 1500 a month ago, I regardless hit this milestone. If you imagine this website and any other thing I have written as a brain, would it be enough to create a carbon copy of myself as some sort of artificial intelligence? I know its the word length of multiple books/novels but what else does the value of such numbers hold? Overall the more I push forward, the better my bigger projects are going to be!


Much like these digital entries, long-running series in beta, alpha or full completion shall be posted other then-secret or hidden away notes. The Fantasy Booking – WWE vs AEW will go for a year and maybe more depending on how many people are interested by then. More short stories or epic poems are pieces I want to focus on other then six-word story and poem content. Still, over 200 drafts already established on UNGROOVYGORDS, I love the absolute freedom of a variety of this site!

Speculating on the future, UNGROOVYGORDS, ENTERTAINMENT CULTURE, books and original videos are the media I intend to produce in one way or another. There is no reason to start new categories now when the conceptual ideas are already wide enough. Ideally, there is too much to do although plenty worthy of bringing into existence. When I hit 2000 published posts, I promise something special when I write that update either still in a journal entry or whatever else.

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