Top 10 THAT IS IMPOSSIBLE Videos (YouTube)

A list created by Lee Sonogan

THAT IS IMPOSSIBLE (James LaFleur in the United Kingdom ...

There is something interesting about creepy content that you can not explain. This particular compilation and narration are most;y fascinating. With so many clips out there, the phenomenon of so many different things is intriguing. I recommend this channel if your into that sort of thing. The YouTube bio is described as >

Hi, I’m James the narrator for the Impossible Channel. I started my journey on YouTube 4 years ago when I decided to investigate mysterious and amazing places , like Gravity Hill and others. Subscribers started to email me with their own mysteries and nowadays my amazing and jaw dropping videos always give an in-depth analysis of strange internet videos that are mysterious and sometimes unexplained in hopes of determining if said videos are actually real or not.

1. I Went Back To Gravity Hill And More Strange Updates…

2. Unexplained Glitches That Will Make You Question Everything

3. Unexplained Videos You Might NOT Wanna Watch Alone..

4. This Bizarre Event Happened In Mexico, And Mind Blowing Events Caught On Cam

5. Unbelievable Things That Will Make You Drop Your Jaw

6. Unbelievable Events Caught On Cam Worldwide..

7. Have You Seen This Mysterious “Structure” Discovered In Antarctica ?

8. Most INSANE Google Earth Anomalies You Won’t Believe Exist

9. These Unexplained Glitches In The Sky Will Blow Your Mind

10. Analemma Tower – A Building In Space ?

At nearly three-quarters of a million subscribers, this is some of the most interesting footage put in one place. Relying on feedback, here are some extra details – Contact me:
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