Word Of The Day, a book review

A book review written by Lee Sonogan

(2001) Non-fiction

More Word Of The Day by Guy Noble - 9780143000853

^ The above book is the sequel that I do not have.

First off this convenient book full of 250 unique words is so small in real life and the digital, I could not find a book cover image big enough! Regardless, for a non-fiction book at your fingertips and can fit anywhere, this old book was recently found. Within an old pencil case used in high school, I remember looking through it when I was bored. Made by an Australian organisation known as the ABC who broadcast television, this is one of their original books.

The back cover description reads, From the name for a round-up of hogs to the fear that a duck is staring at you, this collection of 250 words from popular ABC Classic FM Breakfast segment ‘Word of the Day’ explores the sublime and ridiculous hidden depths of vocabulary. Guaranteed to intrigue and entertain word buffs everywhere. But does that excellent place introduction deliver on what it promises though?

Re-reading for the sake of implementing words I have never used before (synonyms) in my writing and realistically vocal in real life the syllables of each particular word are not too difficult. Many that you would have never seen before but an explanation described making you perfectly understand. Overall it is a solid resource to people who are aware of more complex words and find them necessary. Games like Bobble come in mind if you are not the writing type.




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