Fantasy Booking – WWE vs AEW (June 3, Week 3)

Fantasy booking created by: Lee Sonogan

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WWE – half-empty audience (Undisclosed) location

Main Show

Vince accuses The Rock to be involved in who ran over Stone Cold. Vacancy is discussed as a lead devil whispers into Vince’s ear and disappears.

1. No. 1 contender for the cruiserweight championship – (interpromotional) singles match

CM Punk with Joe Rogan (AEW) vs Chavo Guerrero (WWE) with Eddie Guerrero – Winner: CM Punk > Spicing things up Joe Rogan gets Punk a WWE opportunity. Former no.1 contender, Chavo defends the WWE’s honour by taking Punk to his limit. GTS and Punk started picking up a winning momentum.

2. No. 1 Contender for the WWE women’s Championship – singles match

Sherri Martel (Unsigned) vs Fabulous Moolah (Unsigned) – Winner: Fabulous Moolah (Unsigned) > Two lades from the past bout it out in the chance to once again be in the Women’s Championship picture. More famous and more experience Moolah earns the chance to become champ once more.

3. Qualifiers for the men’s money in the bank match – singles match

Broken Matt Hardy vs Jeff Hardy – Winner: Jeff Hardy > Both known for ladder matches, I had to book this match. Spot chanting Delete and Obsolete! In a turn on events determined by the Six-sided die, Jeff gets his biggest solo opportunity so far.

4. Qualifiers for the men’s money in the bank match – singles match

Daniel Byran vs Kurt Angle – Winner: Kurt Angle > Putting out a dream match, the simulation concluded Angle getting overusing a six-sided dice! A technical display was portrayed within 15 minutes.

5. Main Event – Shane Mcmahon’s Underground Raw/Fight clyb

Undertaker (C) vs Goldberg – Winner Undertaker (C) > Building up the WWE tag team championship match at Money In The Bank, much like real life, Shane makes a shoot fight club. All the ministry was there contra to Jim’s Collectables. Hitting all their MMA signature traits and moves, Taker has to cheat to win!

Aew – half-empty audience (Undisclosed) location


1. Singles Match

Brandi Rhodes with Cody Rhodes vs Peyton Royce with Billie Kay (C) – Winner: Peyton Royce with Billie Kay (C) > Showcasing the 2020 wrestling of Brandi improving but eventually losing to the more experienced tag team in this solo with managers.

Main Show

Tony Khan announces there is a deal to host Fight For The Fallen at the International Space Station within Space! Countering Vince McMahons Hell location. And highers a top stars from Japan.

1. For the TNT championship – singles match

Christopher Daniels (C) vs (Unsigned) Bret Hart – Winner: Christopher Daniels (C) > Continuing to defend his title non-stop, still simulated Daniels defeats the unsigned legend. The Canadian seems frustrated after.

2. For the x-division championship – Singles match

Pac (C) vs Kazarian with Scorpio Sky (Socal Unsensored) – Winner: Pac (C) Eyeing Daniels last week, he is booked to defend against Socal Uncensored. Kazarian being a veteran put up a gift contest but failed in his first solo chance in this division.

3. No.1 contender for AEW video game championship – Singles match

Nick Jackson vs Matt Jackson – Winner: Matt Jackson > Known to be buds with Tony Khan, his booking keeps them from their suspended tittles. In a dive fest spectacular, it only lasted ten minutes.

4. Main Event – No.1 Contender for Japanese Championship – singles match

Shinsuke Nakamura (Hired) vs Hiroshi Tanahashi – Winner: Shinsuke Nakamura who was formerly in the WWE makes his debut and it is smack right in the main event. Getting over with his knee. he shall face Tomogoguri Ishii for the Japanese Championship

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