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Comic Con 2020

If a fan convention is held on the internet and no one’s there to talk about it, does it make any noise?

Comic-Con is usually a massive event with many mainstream entertainment platforms covering it. Cancelled due to COVID-19, they went live in the direct digital release way. And the response was a failure compared to every year it has existed! For correct numbers and viewers of this year’s content please check the Variety article above to see the massive dispositions.

With the ability of fans not being able to talk to creators and lack of interesting trailers or content, in my opinion, draw to the conclusion reached in the link above. The panels on the program ‘Zoom’ I assume is not being talked about and what I looked into in clips were mundane and unrelevant. Not even breaking half a million in 48 hours on most particular pieces of media, this website has seen more traffic!

Ranting how bad it was, surely next year shall be way better in comparison. Adam B. Vary’s article with evidence shows the rest of how bad it gets. Not wanting to be negative, at least this production kept some momentum going forward with it. There’s a guaranteed season 3 of the television show The Boys! I’m not as keen for the Walking Dead and the Danny Glover star wars adaptation. Then again all three shows could surprise me…

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