Journal Entry 35# Am I Racist? (First Public Hater!)

A journal entry written by Lee Sonogan

Never in my life have I been accused of being a racist and told that I’m gonna suffer from a comedy show so directly. At this point other than being one of the assumed comment section, I will break down the exchange and once again talk about the race hustling topics that I dislike. This time it cost me a 1 start and a negative recommendation, overall one person who only absolute takes live seriously without and fun results in a situation like this.

If your reading this sneaky hater, I feel it’s unfair to immediately behave how you have done so while I’m always open for discussion. Addressing where you left off if it’s on a Muslim community online, doesn’t that mean that not all Muslims are bad hence not Islamophobic using your words. Then the particular joke was not overly done and focused on referencing from Muslim society it links to other jokes in a set. The point of it is to be controversial in an amazing situational way, always opposing the real events it may be based off.

I’m sure Isaac has had it way worse in people’s campaign against him. Finalizing this paragraph, I would make any inapposite joke around good friends, then be respectful to any culture willing to be challenged on a fair middle ground. Their take the humour if in the mood to express something unique; anything, or remain crying into the wind, demanding personal preferences within groups not all groups aka All Lives Matter. If you don’t like this niched style form of humour (Does that resonate with you?) then leave it to its own corner of the world.

PS – Also I agree with everything this person said but found it funny how Isaac dealt with the taboo subject matter in something I know is wrong, being bad enough to make me crack a smile. Take that away from people and there shall be more riots and rights all-encompassing every creed.

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