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Joe Rogan didn't do UFC 4 video game voiceovers because "he hates ...

JOE ROGAN is set to be replaced by Daniel Cormier on commentary for UFC 4. The 52-year-old American has been the voice for the entire UFC Undisputed series, as well as the three previous EA video game titles.

Creative director Brian Hayes from EA Sports announced that Joe Rogan for the first time ever shall not provide digital commentary on the upcoming video game UFC 4. In UFC 3 I expressed such dislike with the colour commentaries lines were taken from real life and spliced together. In this omission, Hayes told Gamespot that Rogan’s main reason is due to not like hearing his own voiceover on repeat.

Directly quoting Brain Hayes “He was open with us from the very beginning that he hated his experience of doing voiceover on previous iterations of other UFC games, and things were no different for us. He hated doing voiceover on these games as well. That has nothing to do with us in particular, or, you know, our games versus other games. He just does not like sitting in a booth reading lines for hours at a time.”

Continuing, Hayes calls out Rogan for being ‘shy’ on this particular subject plus on his podcast. Still, being a voice of MMA for over 20 years, its hard to accept his decline of narrowing down his priorities. Saying that though, I would not mind doing voiceovers if the price fit. Overall Jon Anik and former light heavyweight and heavyweight champion Daniel “DC” Cormier are more than interesting enough for me to potentially get this game on the PS5?



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