Journal Entry 34# I Want This Drone So Bad!

A journal entry written by Lee Sonogan

Number 34 Meaning

Is 2020 the year to finally own my first drone? Forwarded by a Facebook group has me thinking about extending my recording ability and fly my first mini drone. This particular one is currently at $90 dollars from $150 is in 4K resolution and the camera contains a 120-degree wide-angle shot in the birds-eye view. Here is the link>

Paraphrasing the drone’s features from the website, it can be used inside and outside. A promise of long battery life (20 Minutes) with a reach of incredible heights. Stable enough hover to be able to do 360 stunts. To cap it off, it’s remotely controlled and water-resistant. A video game controller comes with the drone. Being so small, this all-purpose camera seemly is effective coming right out of your pocket.

Tempted in expanding my cinematography obtainability and original non-copyright shots, I’m gonna give it a day before I decide anything. Possible of getting it would dramatically make my short film script more interesting and an incentive to make it once the state is no longer under lockdown. Before I talk myself into it and its 80 metres remote range, opportunity grow in what I can digitally produce!

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