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Pauline Hanson's 'all lives matter' motion voted down

One Nation leader Pauline Hanson says the NSW government and police need to throw the book at Black Lives Matter protesters if they choose to disobey the court decision finding Tuesday’s protest illegal.

“I’d throw the book at them. I have no worries. Heavily fined, or those that are still organizing protests, well if that means a jail term, it’s a jail term,” – Pauline Hanson.

Tomorrow Sydney will face a breach of authority as BLM protestors will surely once more take to the streets under COVID-19 lockdowns. Not sharing any more specific details and more quotes on uwerolandgross’s post provided, I shall address my opinion of the fine line between what is peaceful and what is dangerous while sympathising with Pauline Hanson who I have gained some respect for. I’m no race hustler, but if people are going to continue riots for the sake of sub-categorical issues, then I have to use a vocabulary matching theirs.

The red-headed politician funny enough ran a fish and chip shop before establishing the right-leaning One Nation. A Senator for Queensland since 2016, there was a time where she made me cringe although, I was not paying any attention… With hashtag karenfrombunning and people alike proving the ego aligned with subjective rights, the double standards in these particular issues are contradictory and getting ridiculous. I understand why Hanson seemed so angry when I was younger now.

As I have covered in other subjects regarding the transparent arguments put forward, I am concerned about fueling their destructive fire just writing about this. At the end of the day if you support or take place in the violence then accept the nurtured/natural consequences to your actions. And for the ones who heartily and rationally support this cause pushing misdirection data are accountable for those tribalistic groups who act out. I do not see enough will to power to de-escalating the ones who take any seriousness out of the bigger picture between all this considering themself in this in the all-encompassing term ‘All Lives Matter’.

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