Top 10 Rust Fan-Fiction Prompts

A list written by Lee Sonogan

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For a fan-fiction in the future, I want to write, Rust is a particular video game more than 5 years old and does not contain an official story. For that reason, I shall provide 10 prompts off the top of my head getting my closer to committing to an overall concept. With Facepunch announcing they intend to do so with hidden messages and Easter Eggs in the near future, still, I desire to innovate my own interpretations. The following list is in no particular order and will reference many genres/game features.

10. Scientists are mutant humans from space – Sci-fi

In the future, most people have decided to live out in space but ones who lack constant exercise become a transparent contentious. Turning mad, they want to research to get more powerful back on a dystopia Earth for a specific reason. Ruling with an iron fist, the socially experiment with the few remaining humans as they try to survive on the planet surface.

Written about this undocumented phenomenon before here >

9. A dystopian world has a civil dispute about either wearing radiation suits or the immunity to disease and Radiation – Drama/Thriller

Based on COVID-19 debate on if you should wear a mask, a fan-fiction in the dramatic arts living in this open-world could be interesting like the HBO miniseries Chernobyl.

8. A controversial squire becomes obsessed with a solo scientist who know too much – Comedy/Musical

I am not too experienced in these genres although the overall concept if a script from a film would be low budget and independent. Puts emphasis on the role-playing aspects and improvisation if such actors were fans.

7. God docufiction’s Raids creating an artistic expression narrative – Action

Using footage from the video game and real-life adaptations if a film would be cool. Then if just a written story, there’s a lot of powerful monologues to be written.

6. If Japan and Germany won WW2 and the rust island would be the island of iwo Jima – War/history

My concept is based on Clint Eastwood’s Flags of our Fathers and Letter from Iwo Jima simultaneously together. Switchback and forth from perspectives, new elements of construction such as Rust monuments can be introduced.

5. In a dystopian island, a solo man meets a woman but she’s already involved with a clan – Romance

I do think I have seen a pure Romance in a dystopian world before. No other gimmick but lovey-dovey stuff and conflicts between individual people.

4. An undercover cop investigates an under no law gets more than he bargains for – Crime

Make the character knowledgable on the law to create sympathy. Some sort of organised crime portraying everything’s fine in a normally violence island of no strict rules and regulations.

3. A disaster film of a tiny Earth-like planet amidst a purge – Horror/Disaster

Invokes people to work together within jump scares and suspenseful moments. Plus I believe a disaster movie with an other genre is something fresh I want to see or produce myself.

2. News comes out a savage tribe of nakeds have formed their first Industrial revolution, a team form a government go to investigate – Adventure

Industrial revolution meaning most of the stuff you can craft in the game. Possible to develop with many of the other sub-genre.

1. An immortal that becomes what rust deserves – Superhero

As soon as the immortal becomes known to be invulnerable inside a friendly community, he is paid to become a bounty hunter/vigilante against those new who choose to shoot on site. Once more these concepts need to be relatable to the lawless world of Rust.

None of the ideas above is in the bottom video. For the videos I usually leave down below, I will share my most recent Rust video and ShadowFrax’s initial speculation on the lore of the game.

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