Yu-Gi-Oh! Deck and Combos: Infinitrack Deck

Pumping about more decks from the best strategy card game ever, this hybrid is of some of my favourite cards in combination with the infinitrack archetype. A bunch of technologies working out at a desert, they have an interesting way to do extra summons. Plus the machine EARTH attribute type’s XYZ monsters are full of support spells and traps cards. The fusion card below is a fan card, not in the official game.

INCH] Infinitrack Fortress Megaclops - Imgur


Immortal Phoenix Gearfriend

Infintrack Tunneller

Grandsoil the Elemental Lord

Infinitrack Crab Crane

Giant Rat

Infinitrack Drag Shovel

Barrier Statue of the Drought

Infinitrack Techer


Infinitrack Brutal Dozer X2

Infinitrack Harvester X3

Infinitrack Rock Anchor X3



Heavy Forward X3

Outrigger Extension

Monster Reborn

Dark Santuary

Limiter Removal

Instant Fusion

Galaxy Cyclone

Hidden Armory

Power of the Guardian X3

Moon Mirror Shield

One Day of Peace

Power Bond

Messenger of Peace

Iron Draw




Starlight Road

Royal Decree

Skill Drain

Spin Turn



Extra Deck


Thousand-Eyes Restrict

Pair Cycroid



Aussa The Earth Charmer – Immovable

Missus Radiant

Relinquished Anima



Stardust Dragon



Vespenate the Spinebuster

Infinitrack River Stormer X3

Digvorzhak, King of Heavy Industry

Inifinitrack Mountain Smasher X2

Infinitrack Earth Slicer X2




The majority of Infinitrack monsters in this deck are level 5. They can be extra summons by tributing the machine types of the field. Infinitrack Harvester and Rock Anchor in your hand is the main combo as it sets up a lot of drawing, all the Extra monsters expect fusion and Synchro. Those particular cards combine levels to XYZ summon Earth Slicer. Plus send extra effects by banishing cards from the graveyard.

Feel free to use Necroface to recycle all the banished cards including the one spell card used to summon Immortal Phoenix Gearfriend.

Lockdown cards include Skill Drain, Royal Decree, Messenger of Peace and Barrier Statue of the Drought.

Use Power Bond if your if your opponent has lower than 3200 life points using Pair Cycroid. Higher using Power of the Guardian and Limiter Removal then Power of the Guardians effect will protect you from being destroyed if attacked, gaining a counter.

Lastly, one note is you could switch a Cyber Dragon Nova and Cyber Dragon Infinity into the extra deck like I should have to have one more powerful card very defensive and offensive. ( – 1 Infinitrack River Stormer and -1 Digvorzhak, King of Heavy Industry)



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