Journal Entry 33# Burnout On Reading Books…

A journal entry written by Lee Sonogan

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Hinting at my lasted book purchases in the past content, a lot of them have stopped in consumption. In this journal entry, I shall explain why and how I am going to get back into the game. As reading is important in my writing/this website, my lack of motivation has shifted into other areas. When I turn every page of a book, most of it is because I commited to at least 20 pages daily.

Naming the books I brought, they include Beyond Good & Evil (Already reviewed), Smoke and Mirrors by Neil Gaiman, The Plague, No Is a Four-Letter Words, The Meaning of Relativity and Kingdom Come (also reviewed). Smoke and Mirrors first story is alright, plenty more where that came from. Also, I have read the first chapter of Albert Camus’s The Plague. Alongside this reading challenge to myself, on I promised to read 11 books this year and I’m one book of the schedule…

So 4/6 left to go that could include some more audiobooks. haha, I tried to listen to the Communist Manifesto but only last ten minutes due to being sorta lame so far. Being one book narrative I can jump back into any time, I’m more focusing on my first voiced audiobook greater. Overall, not letting my goals sway too far out of line, when I finish more of them, I’m sure to write about them in the future in greater detail.

After some time having a lot of drafts, inspiration from these sorts of sources previously have encouraged me to come up when double-digit amounts of new/free concepts already. It is a virtue of necessity my will of power desires to implement. No matter how long time flies, my production cycle of typed media fluctuates where more reading will be put back into the fold. Innovating my small and bigger projects in developing at a greater rate simultaneously.

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