Journal Entry 32# If you could invent one thing to make your life easier, what would it be?

A journal entry written by Lee sonogan

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Knowing the answer to this question during the production of my first self-published book and before this website, writing pushed me into this hypothetical invention. The most satisfying and replay value If I could make anything would be some sort of pill that allows you to never sleep while gaining all the positives of sleep instantly. Realistically the chemicals in one brain are unique to each person, so it is a complicated implemented/technology of the far future.

Humans on average spend a third of their life’s asleep. Inspired by an American Dad episode where Stan obtains such a pill to train for a video game competition, never feeling like I do enough that I want, I imagine it would be a consistent cycle of positive reinforcement. If doing what you love all the time, it would be amazing, falling into the negative the repercussions would destroy you. Without proper chemicals like Serotonin and others at proper levels, it would be near impossible to determine such a state in a healthy way that lasts forever.

Then could the pill maintain the central nervous system running more neurons at once? There is so much science of it all I do not understand but If I talked to an expert than I would have a lot of questions. Sleeping is all about restoring the brain’s energy portraying forces in the quantum and conscious surface. A metaphorical glue holding everything together that I can only speculate on.

Good sleep is always highly recommended by professional medical practitioners although a pill like this would definitely make life easier. Whatever issues medically linked in the struggle of sleeping would be cured, eliminating over half of the currently available pharmaceuticals. Overall separate/identify the ambitious and the weak-minded mentality individuals. Plus so much more fun ideas/concepts to ponder at!

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