Starter’s Guide To Writing: Freelancing

An article written by Lee Sonogan

MEAA 13 steps for freelance journalism beginners - MEAA

Note: This following article will feature in my non-fiction book You, Will, Have Style When You Write One Million Words: UNGROOVYGORDS Advanced Guide For Creative Writing. Publishing it on my website ENTERTAINMENT CULTURE ONLINE which will be expanded on, plus more relevant quotes.

The only really committed artist is he who, without refusing to take part in the combat, at least refuses to join the regular armies and remains a freelance. – Albert Camus

An Urban Dictoranry definion describes freelance as ‘Living life with no regrets and no remorse’. Achieving such an ambition as a freelancer has a lot of positives than negitive; only accepting that you may not be credited for some of your work. Still, the networking and paid benifits to lose rights is alright if you still write and share for yoursef. Regardless, my creditials into getting into creative writing was a Freelance in Journalism certificate from Open Colledges. There a lot of pitchs have failed but I still have faith in personal services with personal skills I have that is of value.

The freelance writer is a man who is paid per piece or per word or perhaps. – Robert Benchley

Quoting Richie Norton “Up until the last 200 years basically everyone was a freelancer, entrepreneur or indentured. Of course, entrepreneurship is a learnable skill,”. Beyond pitches, gaining pity points for the opportunity, selling yourself to people of all your interests is an aim for freelancers. For example, other than writing, my all-purpose mic allows me to explore the voice-over talent on such a website like Fiverr. That website is key for all kinds of freelancing production and services; committing to 5 lines at a cheap price at first with other others of more lines. Thinking outside the box before starting such a project, consume quality to deliver what you’re promising on.

Getting simpler while establishing own original works of art, typing skills alone can cross over to data entry, editing/proofreading, marketing and PR, tutoring, and so much more if you really need to maintain a living right now. Calculate the rate to get a deposit upfront. Master pro-tools and promised regular scheduling. Your website is your portfolio/resume to the world. Become an expert in your niche to always have contact. Proved that you have paid your dues by experiencing over 10,000 hours into something. Then a little bit of will to power inciting some risks that might lead to reward.

I have always thought of my blog as an ever-growing portfolio/resume to the world containing everything freelancing is all about. Developing win/win situations nurturing everything at your disposal. Consistent goals are always reaching above previously challenged/hypothetical lines. Take advantage of planning for the future, and adapting to the requirements needed.

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