Nostril, an album review (Igorrr)

An album review written by Lee Sonogan

43:09 (2010) Black Metal, Breakcore, Baroque, More!

Igorrr - Nostril (2010, CD) | Discogs

I’ve rarely felt so challenged by a musician before. (Not counting lyrics) I feel like each song is a puzzle to be figured out. The continual transitions and constant surprises make them feel alive and narrative, inviting speculation and exploration. The beat never settles for more than a few seconds, always leaving your brain grasping, which can be exhausting, but also exhilarating if you’re in the mood. – Johua C. Foreman (Amazon customer review – 5/5)

The French musician’s first album and my initial deeper look into Igorrr on UNGROOVYGORDS. Nostril in its entirety needs to be consumed in order as intensity and moods shift at a pleasant flow. From the outside looking it, this experimental tone may seem intimidating although give it a try to appreciate the technical side they bring to the table. Click the link below this paragraph if you want to see my thoughts on their newest album.

In the post-genre era, Igorrr’s melodies encompass all-instrumental hierarchy. Emphasis on the unpredictable, each note it delivered on by timing. Nearly impossible to recommend any songs as this particular album is more engaging when you analyse it as the whole thing. I wish there were more combinations of sound similar to this that is this engaging while writing stuff in the background.


Structurally it is a polished piece of a body of work. Another link from ENTERTAINMENT CULTURE ONLINE, I wrote an open letter to them for reasons within this link > More potential Igorrr album review for the other two albums in the near future.

I really enjoy this album, because it is so different. It’s bizarre, but appealing. It’s disturbing, but beautiful. It’s familiar, but oh so strange. Igorrr is not a genre-specific artist, not by any means. This album is proof of that. This album blends contrasting genres like classical, baroque, and opera with electronic breakcore, death metal, pagan folk and jazz. Words can’t describe it, just buy the damn record haha. – Andrew (Amazon customer review – 4/5)


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