Journal Entry 31# A New Thumbnail?

A journal entry written by Lee Sonogan

31 and Mersenne Primes - Numberphile - YouTube

A little late today in posting (Socialising) and mistaking Crimsom with Crimson in my 37th six word story. Embarrassing in a way, it is more because I have to change where it posted out to. Regardless, I always end up rereading it and identifying what issues need to be fixed. Back to the point of this journal entry, I currently have a fresh thumbnail to double down on.

At first, expecting promotional art for one of my books, I got a different vision. Below this paragraph contains a meme image of my self that was somewhat popular in my high school (Haha) and a characterization of the same picture. My first impression was to share it as a thumbnail with my UNGROOVYGORDS logo in the bottom left-hand corner. This youthful portrayal of myself haunts me so I might as well give the people a more personal look and move forward.

Plus I am going to upload the edited post in the near future to Instagram, Facebook and maybe even Twitter. Then there is YouTube as well; that’s all for now, detailing my implementation of a present entirely for free. All this makes me want to obtain unique advertising art for my books in development and other stuff for this brand?

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