Fantasy Booking – WWE vs AEW (May 4, Week 4)

Fantasy booking created by: Lee Sonogan

(Disclaimer – If you do not understand what this is click on the link below to understand its rules.)

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AEW – half-empty audience (Undisclosed) location

Main Show

1. Tag team match

Nick Jackson, Matt Jackson (The Young Bucks) vs (Unsigned) Cash Wheeler, Dax Harwood (FTR) – Winners: Nick Jackson, Matt Jackson (The Young Bucks) > Yep the dream match with no build although a competitive 20 minute 4/5 star match. The Young Bucks both get injured after the match as FTR win the brawl which broke out after.

2. Six Women Tag team match

Peyton Royce, Bailey, Sasha Banks vs Shayna Baszler, Jazz, Nyla Rose – Winners: Peyton Royce, Bailey, Sasha Banks > Before the match starts Bailey was traded from the WWE for Awesome Kong. Peyton does not let her sight off Baszler. Banks and Bailey show chemistry, chopping down the bigger opponents. Peyton and team outspeed the others and uses finisher on Jazz for the victory. Peyton attacks Shayna after match, both teams hold them back.

3. Tag team match – (Non-Tittle match)

Jay White (C), Kazuckika Okada (C) (Chaos) vs Christopher Daniels (C), Kazarian (Socal Uncensored) – Winners: Christopher Daniels (C) Kazarian (Socal Uncensored) > SCU on a roll, they prove themself against the current tag team champions of AEW. Jay offers the handshake at the end and Daniels accepts.

4. Main Event – singles match

Cain Valasquez with Joe Rogan vs Jon Moxley with Chris Jericho (The Inner Circle) – Winner Cain Valasquez with Joe Rogan via submission > Segments with Moxley standing toe to toe in stikes. Chris cheating for Moxley and he looks annoyed but heels it up anyway. After some mounts and transistions, Cain gets the Kamura locked in and old mate Jon has to tap out.

WWE – half-empty audience (Undisclosed) location

Main Show

1. Singles Match

Triple H vs Kane (C) – Winner: Triple H > In a warm-up match, preparing to face former friend, The Ministry higher up was no pushover. HHH resorts to distracting the ref and a Pedigree to defeat the masked man.

Vince calls out a list of names who are now curently fired! > Draw Galloway, Christain, Elias, Shinsuke Nakamura and Randy Savage

2. Triple Threat Match – Winner Faces Becky Lycnh for the WWE Women’s Championship At Extreme Rules

Awesome Kong (Newly signed) vs Charlotte Flair vs Asuka – Winner Awesome Kong > The Queen dominates the first half, teaming up with Kong and then betraying her. Asuka gets some of her stuff in outside the Ring. Last it’s one on one in the ring with the third jumping in and switching. In the end, there was an Awesome Bomb on Asuka and a new No.1 Contender.

3. Elimination Chase > No.1 contender for Intercontinial championship at extreme rules (Non-tittle)

Samoa Joe with Kurt Angle (The Main Event Mafia vs Eddie Guerrero (C) with Chavo Guerrero (Los Guerrero) – Winner: Samoa Joe with Kurt Angle (The Main Event Mafia) > A dream match that I would have loved to see in real life, they deliver on a 4.5/5 match going 25 minutes. Clash of styles was very engaging to consume.

4. Singles match – Non-tittle

Shawn Micheals vs Brock Lesnar (C) with Paul Heyman – Winner Shawn Micheals via count out > More than matching the previous match, I can honestly say this match in real life would blow peoples minds. Heek HBK purposing forces brock to the entranceway to Sweet Chin and runs back to the ring. Stone Cold (C) (Pick your Poison Representative) comes out and says he will face rival Hunter in a Hell In A Cell match at Extreme Rules.

5. Six Pack Challenge – Main Event – No.1 Contender Match For The WWE Championship

Undertaker (C) with Seth Rollins (C) (The Ministry) vs The Rock vs Sting vs The Fiend vs Batista vs Big Show with Jim Cornette (Jim’s Collectables) vs Kofi Kingston with Big E (The New Day) – Winner: The Rock > Chaotic non-stop, a spot with Taker and Show breaks the top rope on one side of the ring. Kofi gets Batista Bombed through the announcer’s table. The Rock clears the ring, going for clean pins but stopped by the Fiend. The Fiend Mandible Claw on everyone coming into the ring and piles them all in one place. Rock gives him a Bottom and then a massive People’s Elbow springboarding off the second rope and landing on Sting, Taker and Batista. Pins Batista and the former IC is going for the big one at Extreme Rules.

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