Yu-Gi-Oh! Decks and Combos: Vylon/Banish Hybrid

Back looking at duelling, I have finally made a competitive Vylon deck because of one card. Immortal Pheonix Gearfriend (English Translation) has been out for a while but not the TCG division. Supportive with Vylon effects relating to spell equip cards, this deck is very defensive; moderately offensive.

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Immortal Phoenix Gearfriend X3

Vylon Cube X2

Card Guard

Vylon Stelia

Aroma Jar

Vylon Pentachloro

Eater of Millions X2

Vylon Ohm

Green Maju Da Eiza X3

Vylon Prism

Necroface X2

Vylon Hept



Power of the Guardian X3

Vylon Material

Dark Sanctuary

Vylon Filament

Mystic Mine

Vylon Component


Vylon Segment

Galaxy Cyclone X3

Vylon Matter

Instant Fusion

Pot Of Desires X3

One Day Of Peace

Hidden Armory

Messenger of Peace

Gold Sarcophagus

Moon Mirror Shield



Skill Drain

Starlight Road

Royal Decree



Extra deck


Stardust Dragon X3

Vylon Sigma X2

Vylon Delta X2

Vylon Epsilon

Vylon Alpha

Vylon Omega



Thousand-Eyes Restrict X2



Relinquished Anima



True King of All Calamities

Infintrack Earth Slicer




Immortal Phoenix Gearfriend is the main card as it can be summoned any way with Vylon equip effects and other cards either from the field or graveyard. Use those equip cards on the monster with a cool effect stealing a monster on a field and adding it to the equipped zones. Only one at a time you can destroy any equips to negate an effect.

Defensive Cards include: Dark Sanctuary, Mystic Mine, Power of the Guardian, Immortal Phoenix Gearfriend, Starlight Road, Skill Drain, Messenger of Peace plus other equip cards

The drawing strategy is using Pot of Desires, attack with Gren Maju Da Eiza and than Necroface to recycle all that has been banished. So don’t worry banishing cards as Gold Sarcophagus to Necroface is encouraged. Vylon Matter, One Day of Peace, Hidden Armory and Terraforming help in always having a decent hand.

Using Synchron Vylon monsters requires a decent stall for time. The lockdown card effects are necessary to win the long game in the end and all the equip cards to do that and allow them to be able to attack safely.

Video already made and will be shared here once I upload it in a couple of days. > 15/07/20



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