#WalkAway – Written Testimony

An article written by Lee Sonogan

Dear Black People

Over the last ten years, my political ideology has evolved and changed for the better. #WalkAway originating in 2018 encompasses all the reasons and much more why I have moved into the centre; avoiding far right and left influence in the last decade. Empathising with the various videos such as the one provided at the bottom of the article, this is my 2 cents adding to the conversation. As the narratives of the debate become more based on emotion then rational growth above the status quo, there still is faith in people who are politically active to make a realistic difference.

“encourages and supports those on the Left to walk away from the divisive tenets endorsed and mandated by the Democratic Party of today.” – walkawaycampaign.com

In this paragraph, I have experienced the same story these speaking up humans have expressed. Indoctrinated by the left from a young age, from general education and media platform’s in Australia. One incentive was the clear change of progressivism forced down people’s throats while not much mainstream opposition. By design, this makes people less interested in politics while creating a wide aspect of confirmation bias. In one sense it was a rebellion against the norm of far-right history although these particular individuals or groups keep pushing or pushing their form of political correctness.

In high school getting my best grades in revolution history, communism was appealing to me (Did not understand why Lenin’s reign was immediately attacked, though Stalin was a clear dictator). Fast forward to when I started this blog and actually researched information in comparison, these extremes lead to lack of freedom of speech or expression. Weaponizing apathy with pity is psychologically damaging while labelling lone distinction under the vocal tribalistic will to power.

Intersectional above all else is confusing because it is all open, not the direct underlining narrowing problem. Then their openness is so thin, diversity in an attempt for equality reduces to mundane quantity to the ideal intriguing supply and demand of quality of those who take pride in a body of work. At least their ignorant loudness is fighting, not far-right, conservatives/republics don’t do enough to call the violent behaviour out.

Opportunity vs privacy, with my potential, the actions I deliver on should be able to speak for themself. Social safety nets are important, but if everything given to you was for free, then I imagine the leaders of the future worse, overreacting to any issue. In preserving what is not broken within the numbers game, then with that maturity, experimenting with moderate socialism methodology should be consistently tested.

Paraphrasing many topics already that I have written about, I am glad to see more people put logic altogether. Personally desiring less government and more ability in self-reliance, there dialogue’s second nature has no ego. Only reinforcing constructive feedback loops needed to abolish outrage; discussion above identity, revealing the real solutions. Instead of arguments of theory, tackling the real nitty-gritty requiring time and effort before conveying. Finally, having a vision based on the silent majority, sharing opinions based on the rational whole.



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