Journal Entry #30 A Standing Table?

A journal entry written by Lee Sonogan

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Sitting more in my life than standing, it is fair to ponder the pros and cons of footing. As of right now, my office seat is over 5 years old and my desk is slowly sinking on an angle. One day my top two monitors are going to crash on the ground. For the sake of my equipment and personal health, the benefits between the two are subjective, seem objective if you can consistently switch between two.

Other than the video provided below containing recommended suggestions, there is a lot of planning before I would commit. The mechanised tabletops in price ranges; parts vs complete products. Dimensional sizes to estimate realistic placement in my room. Rearrangement of power cords to fit directly under it next to the computer.

I know I still will be sitting most of the time although, physically placing feet into position has to be a positive for leg muscles. Then theirs the challenge of multitasking focus added on that’s an incentive to be more motivated? Regardless, customizing change to be more efficient and productive, a little bit of capitalism could help. Win/win investing in my body of work while contributing back into the economy (A tool just like my all-purpose mic – H5 Zoom).

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