My Country (Australia) Spends $270b Boosting Defence Capability

An article written by Lee Sonogan

Prime Minister Scott Morrison announces plan to spend $270 billion ...

“We have not seen the conflation of global economic and strategic uncertainty now being experienced here in Australia in our region since the existential threat we faced when the global and regional order collapsed in the 1930s and 1940s,” – Scott Morrison

Not since World War II, Australia has been up against regional threats just like this. Scott Morrison (Prime minister) has unveiled the most strongest and aggressive strategy in this country’s history where I have been alive. With an increased focus Indo-Pacific region, just like America, I never thought Aussies would be policing the world. There is a question if this is morally right, or arming this side of the world internationally will help with free trade?

More defence in long-range and potential strike weapons, cyber technology and underwater surveillance seems like good protection methods. Jobs/training will bee there with the Australian Defence Force (ADF) expecting to grow in the next four years along with the Navy of 650, the Air Force and the general army.

“The strategic competition between China and the United States means that there’s a lot of tension in the cord and a lot of risk of miscalculation. And so we have to be prepared and ready to frame the world in which we live as best as we can, and be prepared to respond and play our role to protect Australia, defend Australia.” – Scott Morrison

Quoting “The missile has a range of more than 370 kilometres and would be a significant upgrade from the 124 km range of Australia’s AGM-84 air-launched Harpoon anti-ship missile, introduced in the early 1980s,”. Meaning any infrastructure of necessity almost guaranteed to be safe in a time of attack. 7 billion out of the overall fund will go to satellites and security from space.

“When they talk about the bad behaviour that’s happening in the region, the annexation of territory, coercion, the influencing of domestic politics, the use of cyber attacks – it’s really only one country which is doing that at industrial levels, and that’s the People’s Republic of China.” – Peter Jennings

In conclusion, there is a comfort in one degree but the other is a concern of world powers divided and flexing their will nearly touching the line. Hopefully, this uncovered story does not need to be spoken about again; as it becomes a deterrent within its design.

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