Journal Entry #29 Gaming Community Becoming Less Toxic?

A Journal entry written by Lee Sonogan

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Online video games have evolved communication to the next level and that level is more of supporting peace. Over the years multiplayer games were associated with masculine banter or general outrage onto one another. In my recent experience, the shift to something new is currently in effect; in co-op or one on one encounters. Instead of cliche jokes or the chat being very competitive, passion is found in the few wanting to exercise will to power.

Of course, distracting to my writing although contains nurturing value, RPG/MMO or friendly subcategory genres implement a necessity to motivate you to be consistently good at any game. For example, my games of choice at the moment are Rust and PUBG inspired me to write such a journal entry like this. There, speaking or no mic, observation there has provided me with some notes over time.

Firstly just like the video below, communities overall become toxics, individuals are then easier to have faith in. Rules of shooting on site do not apply if you enemy not a threat in such open-world survival games. The majority of them are quick discussions and usually a win/win situation. Invoking such exchanges is being more common in certain places by myself carefully being freindly.

Other aspects include apologies, after blaming people for all sorts of relatable action. I respect all people who overreaction and can pull themself back into a rational person. These are the positives that can come out of any team working together, on the other hand, the more satisfying memories. This is what I strive for in mental stimulation regardless, I see a lot more of this being presented in leaders virtual and real life. Advocating for particular humans of this calibre, this is culturally important in social commentary.

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