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Should You Wear a Mask in Public for Coronavirus? — Diet Doctor

Okay, let me point out that I know better than to write about this topic. About half of the people who read it will agree and the other 80% will think the whole mask thing is ridiculous. (Yes, I can add)

Adding my thoughts to the new debate about apparatus protection is currently a hot discussion. Lead Today or Steve Keating has spawned me to comment on the matter, and the hatred coming out of it. COVID-19 is real and still very much active in the world. While it a 99% survival rate, that does not give you the right to increase the ever-growing trend of spikes; believing it to be some hoax.

In my first argument, you do not have to own or buy a mask although, within the 6 feet distance in commercial zones, the realistic social contract is not to invade peoples personal space anyway. In places in America, I assume any business who maintains there health and safety shall provide the provisions for you. Personally, I have not worn a mask yet but in Australia when I have gone out, the lower cases of hotspots means fewer people at a time and unessential for the common good.

The second argument is keeping people safe who are at risk of being the most vulnerable. Stated in the Steve Keating article, his whole story is relevant/non-ignorant towards the Coronavirus curve widening its reach whose immune systems are weak. Don’t be too cool in the sake of any symptom you could get would become mild, maybe doing it now will save you time before the outbreak laws force you into the necessity.

I’m not even going to get into the connections of spreading through protests/riots during lockdown times.

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