First Impression Of Lunatics (Episode 1-3 So Far)

An article written by Lee Sonogan

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Completely forgetting about Chris Lilley until the recent Netflix shows cancelled controversy, Lunatics is something that I missed. Giving it a shot to judge for myself, we get more over the top characters in a mockumentary world. Back in the day, I enjoy this type of crude, blunt and confronting humour, now already, prepare for the amount of cringe and how much you can tolerate. Saying that it creates an unpredictable field where the story has more than enough for value to positive knee-jerk reactions.

Speaking on outrage, I disagree with the complaints of black types and stereotyping cultural appreciation, as that is what Chris Liley has been known for years. It delivers on the satire on so many topics and subjects, although I empathise with the edgey bad taste and think it falls flat at times, it is supposed to be pushing these limits becoming absolute jokes, not to be associated with real life. There are some personality traits based on real individuals; taking everything as seriousness in his content is a sign that it may not be your cup of tea.

In conclusion, I shall finish consuming this show but has moved back on my watching list. What is clear presents obvious delivery on particular aspects in references/comments, to then not as engaging in this present moment as I desired. Regardless it is not the worst funny portrayal of the creator, on the other hand, it is the best of his body of work. From what I have seen and had to give it a rating, 6.55/10 is my answer; could imagine it being slightly higher knowing the payoff in the entire season.

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