Journal Entry 28# Opening Monologue Script (First Draft) – There Is No Such Thing As A Utopia

A journal entry written by Lee Sonogan

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Starting things off with Initial Documentary Questions four days ago, There Is No Such Thing As A Utopia now has some written dialogue. Keen to film it sooner or later, it will be either used as an incentive encouraging people to contribute answers to questions in the link above and/or precisely development the relevant narratives needed. More people who take interest in this the easier to do it overall with the presentation while keeping the project relatively alive.

Hello, my name is Lee Sonogan I shall be your host and narrator of this documentary (There’s No Such Thing As A Utopia). Corned by the ensuing civil unrest between the spectrum of culture, this independently made video provides a look into what futurists have imagined for hundreds of years. And newer perspectives into information explained for the greater good. Striving for the evolution of humanity, the direct opposite looms in contrast. Within the extremes and radicalization, how can the land of the milk and honey be rationally achieved?

In respect of politics, laws, customs, and conditions, is there a time and place considered perfect? Certainly, specific areas are subjectively wise although overall systems remain at the status quo. Hypnosis’s Ideally show desirable social and moral ideas associate with this idea. Although one man’s utopia is another man’s fool paradise. Psychologically and philosophically divided, taking arms to all sides of a stance, the identity of tribal groups becomes their god instead of peace and harmony they preach.

Quoting Jacque Fresco in the opening montage intro, we don’t have narrow problems, we have human issues. In the future, the individual needs to be a man of tomorrow before the rights of the minority can rise between the petty smoke-filled room fence. Standing objectively, committing to what works and throwing out what does not work beyond good & evil. Philosophy goes so far to the duality of so many concepts such as nature vs nurture, chaos vs order, life vs death plus so much more where it is now time to find what is correctly non-discriminatory and how to determine spiritualty the wisdom in being content.

Who knows how the future will define economics, governments, technology, ecology and many more along those lines. Nirvana is more than a band, a ground zero to aim at an appreciation in self-pride (Body) and empathy to all life matter (Soul). The best of both worlds value centres out emotion from universal truths that are undeniable. A will to power consistently reinforcing itself, humbled in responsibility while experiencing the freedom of beauty in life could be, and will be! There Is No Such Thing As A Utopia but any form of meaning/purpose is yearning for it in one way or another. Stiving for vitality and endurance, the new philosopher must not mistake the necessity of virtue to get in the way of what true progress has been made and the exciting era of evolving mortal wholesome next. I shall leave you with this quote –

“If we were equal, then no one would have a need for ‘rights'” – Friedrich Nietzsche

This speech would be directly after the video below this paragraph. Estimating around being a three-minute talk, I have all the professional equipment needed to do so at any location. Just need to write it on a giant pinboard I have and mount it at the right angle to begin stoically pronouncing each word and phrase. For now, I am going to practise to convey enough vocal performance, clear, engaging and most importantly delivers in expectation according to the script I have imagined.

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