Fantasy Booking – WWE vs AEW (May 2, Week 2)

Fantasy booking created by: Lee Sonogan

(Disclaimer – If you do not understand what this is click on the link below to understand its rules.)

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AEW – half-empty audience (Undisclosed) location

Main Show

1. For The AEW Women’s Championship – Singles Match

Billie Kay with Peyton Royce vs (Unsigned) Alundra Blayze – Winner: No Contest > First third gets the legend overusing the basics. Next third is comedy spots, playing with the crowd. Last bit is a little seriousness although Bazsler interrupts and literally bites the ear off Bille Kay. Gore and blood, people come out to break it up and help Billie out.

2. For the TNT championship

Christopher Daniels (C) with Scorpio Sky vs Cody Rhodes with Kenny Omega (C) – Winner Christopher Daniels (C) > Getting 25 minutes, they achieve a way greater match compared to their encounter in the previous gauntlet match. Best Moonsault Ever is the finish.

3. Interpormotional match – singles

Seth Rollins (C) (WWE) (The Ministry) vs Will Osprey – Winner: Seth Rollins (C) (WWE) (The Ministry) > With a lot to prove, the Twitter feud comes to live. Representing both companies, the match goes for twenty minutes and the classic you would want. Seth pin cleanly after a massive curb stomp.

4. For the AEW heavyweight Championship – singles match

Chris Jericho (C) vs (Unsigned) Orange Cassidy – Winner: Chris Jericho (C) > Easy peasy, Jericho obliterates the freshly squashed man. Cain Valaques comes out, to the surprise of the half crowd, (Unsigned) Joe Rogan follows him. Joe cuts a killer promo and challenges Jericho. He accepts but at a later date.

WWE – half-empty audience (Undisclosed) location

Main Show

Triple H reforms evolution to take on the cult of the Ministry.

1. Elimination Chase For Intercontinental Championship Match At Extreme Rules

AJ Styles vs Kurt Angle – Winner: AJ Styles > No Main Event Mafia with him, this straight forward match was a TNA match back when they both in their prime. AJ is victorious this time but the whole Mafia comes out and beats him up after.

2. Winner Joins Jim Cornette’s Collectables – Singles match

Goldberg vs Chris Benoit – Winner: Goldberg > Benoit tries to chop him down but Berg feels no pain. Guarding against takedowns, Goldberg is more worn down. Spear! and the Icon joins the faction. Cuts a promo saying ‘his next!’ to be in the best tag team ever created.

3. Singles match (Ten minute match challenge)

Becky Lynch vs (Unsigned) Ember Moon – Winner: Becky Lynch > Before match Becky says if Ember can last ten minutes she is worthy of a contract on the roster. Imagine a dream match but double as impressive when they reach over the ten, and make it to the 30 mark. Both shake hands afterward.

4. Main Event – Six Man Tag

Triple H, Randy Ortan, Batista (Evolution) vs Undertaker (C), Kane (C), Kevin Owens (C) (The Ministry) – Winners: No Contest > Classic tag-team wrestling moves expect at the start. Switching it up, Evolution take out the weaker link in Owens and then Kane. Undertaker holds them until overwhelmed and lights go out, its the Heart Break Kid and Sweet Chins H for Taker to win. Taker rises his hand but Shawn pulls it’s away and walks to the back.

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