An Introspective On Sweet Anita

An article written by Lee Sonogan

Sweet Anita roasts viewer watching at work with well-timed tic ...

Honestly not seeing many public figures of Tourettes, Sweet Anita is one of the most wonderful, wholesome, and most importantly humbled individuals having a unique condition ever. Her story is brutal and her heart is the type of people I love to put in my life. Empathising with her, her tics or twitches are indeed real while creating an engaging way to have fun. Meaning she enjoys having a good time because out of her control, other public reactions have been harmful.

Reading other peoples comments saying she’s too controversial, the disorder is known as ‘Terrance’ is not the reality. Accusations all round are terrible, as watching a decent amount of her content now, her control is getting better. Basically the content of her character is as credible or more than many others on similar platforms. The number of questions she answered about her condition in videos it common while streaming to the chat.

People have gone so far to spam her chat to get her to incite the neurological syndrome symptoms. Inspirational and worth supporting for the psychology of society, Anita has so much value to offer people. I hope she does not get attached to cancel culture as scrutiny will always happen within peoples particular curiosity. In conclusion, I feel like I can relate to her in what she talks about to be a loyal subscriber for the long run on YouTube.

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