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There are fundamental differences in thoughts, thinking and everything in the extreme betwixt. In developing ever-lasting peace you need to realize the mind is more complex than the brain. The conjunctions between their connections which generate unnecessary confusion and stressful exhaustion. Then interpreting an inner dialogue narrating on the earlier ensued memories or events. Focusing on singular concepts is just not enough in all case. Within the contras, what we do without inner monologues decides who we are. Freedom of expression from the inside and delivering it back in the output is. Merely one-dimensional ideas lead to planning and research into something rational or ethically.

Yes, I am still reblogging this longer written content elsewhere…. You, Will, Have Style When You Write One Million Words will be my first official non-fiction book self-published and as the title suggests, the guide of guides in my opinion. Well, at least the guide I wish I had when I started writing (Similar statements found in its introduction. Not rereading former reviews of these chapters, bare with me as I recap details of it and things to come.

Firstly I have a potential book cover being made from a friend; He said he will only do one and if I for some reason don’t like it then whatever. I have faith that his original artwork will be useful in one way or another because, I need promotional images, and/or back cover illustration. Transitioning to this part labelled ‘Truth’, at the 5000-word mark, I am happy how different it is in comparison to the ‘Basics’ and ‘inspiration’.

In a more serious tone, I articulate tactics of truth and lies used in creative writing. I start with an article I did not expect extension on called You Are Not Your Thoughts. Another article improved in greater prose inspired by author Neil Gaiman, capturing both fiction and non-fiction elements. A new piece on Journalistic Integrity with I have not talked about as much as I have wanted.

Touched on the reality of Critical Thinking to establishing the concepts related to the original content. There in Lies In Writing blends with the devil’s advocate. Explained the methods of fallacies and bias, plus their differences. Finished the Friedrich Nietzsche points in a tittle called Beyond Good and Evil. Then there’s the conclusion summarizing some key factors and what to expect in the next chapter.

For at this moment, it will ultimately at maximum take me around 3-4 weeks to realistically finish Part 5 > Non-fiction. The majority of research is there although I am predicting a lot of proofreading to make it intriguing compared to the rest. There is plenty of vocabulary choices that are easy, but the phrasing needs to be worded in my particular style without being similar to already typed out guidance.

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