Fourth Dimensional Chess #Haiku #Poetry

A haiku written by Lee Sonogan

Dianna Cowern on Twitter: "This is what real 4D chess looks like ...

The act of playing a stratagem, moves ahead, in such a multi-layered, brain sparklingly sophisticatedly process, that no one outside of the gamer’s own mind even has a biscuit of what is going on until days, weeks or even months later, maybe even never, unless informed in great detail or being a spectacular Autist themselves. – Urban Dictionary

Spatial dominos

Forepillar continuum

Awash brim ratios

‘4d chess’ is a shorthand gag term for the idea that someone is so super-clever in their political moves that they can make a tiny, inoffensive move here, another over there, and it will have ramifications that no one except someone so brilliant could see in other places, and before you know it his enemies are outflanked and outgunned and helpless before his skill. – Randy Carter (Quora Answered Question)

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