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An article written by Lee Sonogan

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In the light of censorship and social media bias, there is plenty of platforms worth sharing on or exclusively posting content for. With Twitter and Facebook polarizing, Parler seems like a place I can lean into my right-sided positions. Designed for being unbiased and pro-free speech, since its launch in 2018, it currently has 1.5 million users. I am it to be somewhat controversial although I think I could get a fan base growing there If I put in the time and effort.

This location is said to be far/alt-right supported, but I doubt how authority anti-left they are. Conspiratorial content is a norm so that should not put you off at least checking it out for more balanced political stances? The New European called Parler “an echo chamber where only the shrillest sounds reverberate into the void,”. If it is that bad, I shall call out others who use unnecessary freedom of expression.

I am a big fan of Tim Pool, so the moderate views he has I relatively share; Plus he was the one that got my attention towards Parler. Just one more tool to be aware of all thing within the online spectrum; the culture wars that make these interesting times. Stay tuned to see how far I go in either updates or relevant links!

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